"Inspiring Future Scientific Exploration"

Brilliant scientists and engineers are the architects of innovation that will create needed change for our world’s future.

Today they are children.

Inspire them with scientific exploration at an early age, and tomorrow they are more likely to pursue careers in science.

How can you help?

Your active participation and support is critical to the success of the iFuSE program.

Through grassroots efforts, we identify teachers and organizations that will benefit from microscopes to enhance science curricula—and donors to provide microscopes and accessories that match these needs.

Why iFuSE?

  • Give tools to students that will be the scientists of the future
  • Receive credit towards new technology
  • Support your local community


Inspiring Future Scientists and Engineers

"The excitement and energy that my own two children felt when they first used a microscope was absolutely enlightening for both of them, and me as well"

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